Saturday, October 30, 2010

♫ Sure, that star can twinkle. And you're watching it do...

I wanna play a little game with my readers. I am a HUGE music freak and at any given moment, there is some song or another running through my head. I literally have a continuous soundtrack (of just about everything except Countrypop) running through my head as I go about living. Sometimes it's really annoying and sometimes it's awesome.

So when I feel like it, I'll post lines from songs in the titles of my updates, marked by the music notes, and if you know the song/artist, please reply!

Today I went out and ran my errands, spending a crap load of moola in the process. I bought 3 fraking pairs of boots. It seems like a lot, but damn it I needed them. One pair for work with heels (I wear suits), one for jeans w/o heels and a pair of $20 wally world snow boots to walk the dog in during the winter.

Then I went to Bedbath&beyond and spent another small fortune. I finally got stuff to stage my dining room table. It's purdy, but my dumb ass only bought one set of dishes so I have to go back at some point and get another for the second placing. I may just exchange the set and only buy the single plates. I also bought the Ninja Master food processor which has great reviews. I am considering making my own baby food when the time comes and really wanted a blender/processor that I could use for that as well as all the other normal things like milkshakes (I used my 20% off coupon too!).

While I was at BB&B, a strange domesticity came over me, which forced me to buy cookie cutters, a rolling pin, a baking rack and spatula. I must make holiday cookies, and I'm excited about it. This is so unlike me it's not even funny. You just don't know how out of character this is. On top of it all, I have been in an UNfrakingBELIEVABLY good mood. Like, I wonder if they spiked my sandwich with something... I can't explain it. This afternoon, I have been acting completely abnormal and totally out of character. My friends/family/coworkers wouldn't recognize me. I just don't know what's up. Maybe it's the weather. Or that I finally got a good night's sleep last night.


  1. Ok - so I don't know the song, but if no one guesses are you going to tell us what it is. Or am I forced to google it? :-)

    Great idea.

  2. Or maybe its happy baby hormones? Anyway - I know what you mean. Set me down in a Target and I'll find 15 things I didn't realize I needed.. sigh.

  3. I love that plate!! Very classy!

  4. Beautiful! And I agree with kitty about this being happy baby hormones :)

    I'm out for this song too...