Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy train approaching

Well, tomorrow morning is IUI#2 and so far, I'm feeling pretty good about it. I have to confess though, the first trigger shot I didn't do myself. Long story short, I have a "friend" that I have been seeing on occasion who gave me the first shot. Said friend wasn't available last night to give me the shot so I was on my own. I have to say that it wasn't bad at all. I was pretty worked up about it and after having some pain, bleeding and trouble in one spot, I moved to another and the needle slipped right in painlessly.  YAY me!

Here's an issue you don't come across everyday. I carry a firearm pretty much 24/7 (and no, it's not an option) which means I have to qualify several times a year. Bullets are made of lead and pregnant women are not supposed to be exposed to lead. In the field, pregnant agents are exempt from shooting live rounds and get to qualify on a super-high tech virtual reality system. It's really cool. Unfortunately, I am not in the field and ride a desk at the moment and don't have access to that. Also, I'm not really pregnant yet, but after tomorrow I might be. And firearms quals is on Friday. Bugger. I called the firearms instructor and had to tell him that on Friday I "might be" pregnant which only served to confuse the poor guy. So then I had to delicately tell him that I was going in to have the "deed done" tomorrow and he still didn't get it LOL. So I finally told him that I was having a fertility treatment and that I would be getting "maybe" pregnant tomorrow, and that I wouldn't know if it worked for a couple of weeks. Poor guy. It was funny and he was cool about it and said he'd order me some lead-free rounds.

The crazy train leaves the station tomorrow. Let's hope it's not a bumpy ride.


  1. Good luck! I'm right here with you on the tww...

  2. Very Best of luck to you!!! Is it wrong that I thinks it's so cool that you carry a gun?

  3. Poor clueless guy... you had to spell it out to him! Good luck tomorrow... you've got lots of company on the Crazy train this month!

  4. Funny story - glad he finally got it. Good luck and a peaceful 2ww!!!!

  5. LOL! That's a great story!

    Sending you lots of peaceful thoughts and baby dust!