Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Closer!

I think I'm past that 30 week freakout, thank goodness. I'm nearly 34 weeks along now and it's going by so fast. My mom will be here in 4 weeks and my c-section is scheduled in 5 weeks. Let's just hope my little man stays put until then. He is sitting head down and extremely low in my pelvis and sometimes it's hard for me to sit down for fear of cricking his neck. He continues to move around quite ferociously and it's funny to see people watching my stomach get that look of horror as he makes it contort into weird shapes.

Work has settled down (I think) for now and something seems to have changed around the office. I've been treated a lot better lately and was even given the option to stay on nights with the skeleton crew if I want. I know at first thought that sounds awful, but it's actually good for me. The only time little one lets me sleep is in the early-morning hours, from about 5 or 6 to about 10am, so I have been getting some decent sleep. Also, not coming into the office until 2pm allows me to miss all the morning crazy and meetings and general running-around-chaos. I get a couple of hours of overlap (and the day's craziness is usually calmed down by then) and then it's all quiet from about 7pm until I go home at midnight. During that time, no one bothers me, I can get stuff done and keep my feet up most of the time. I have been trying to get a bunch of performance reviews done and other admin crap that will be due when I'm out so that quiet time has been really nice. The schedule also allows me to get all my appointments and odd errands done in the late mornings without having to worry about sneaking out of the office. Now, if we can start having weekends again things will be about as good as I could hope for.

I am quite round now lol (my big belly dwarfs my lovely D-cups!) but I haven't gained an ounce anywhere else but in the belly. I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy undies. I actually went out and bought some granny panties for afterwards, but they are too baggy. It seems my hips haven't budged an inch (not complaining!), which makes me even more grateful that I went ahead and scheduled the c-section. He is measuring too big (a full week ahead of his dates!) and I'm just not up for hours and hours of labor to end with a c-section anyway. 

A belly picture from 32 weeks: