Friday, April 23, 2010

Long overdue update

Well, I've been off the pill for two cycles (they were 37 & 36 days) and I've really seen a pattern in my cycle which is promising.  I had my OB/GYN appointment this afternoon and it went well, everything is in the right place and looks perfect. I like the doctor and would be happy with her as my OB. We talked briefly about my baby plans. She strongly advised giving my cycle several months to work itself out. 

Doc also seemed to be awfully confident that I would meet "The One" sometime in the near future. I didn't want to get into all of that because we would have been there all day.  I didn't tell her, but I did give dating one last shot in Feb-March, and it didn't really go well.  I went out with several people and even liked a few initially, but quickly uncovered a lot of behaviors/immaturity that I did not like and don't have the time or patience for. I honestly like being single and really have no desire to deal with all the drama of a relationship. I certainly am not going to put my plans on hold in the hopes of finding someone, only to still be single and family-less by the time I hit 40.

This is such a daunting process and it is really a huge decision. In some ways I resent all the people that it just happens for.  They don't have to make these decisions the same way and most people don't have any awareness on what a big deal this is and how life-changing it is.

I'm going to take the Doc's advise and wait several months and see how my cycles go.