Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Decisions

Over the weekend, I was wandering through Target and ended up in the baby isle.  For the first time, I REALLY felt the overwhelming desire to have a baby.  I was surprised at how strong it was and the thought that maybe I wouldn't ever have a baby made me very sad.

I'm no longer worried about "ruining" my body and am not all that worried about labor and delivery. I mean, women have been having babies for eons, there's no good reason why I can't.

So, today I decided I don't want to wait so long to start trying to get pregnant.  It doesn't seem like such a crazy and impossible thing for me to do anymore.  I looked at my leave balances and figured that I could manage getting pregnant earlier than I initially thought. I also looked up an OB/GYN and called and made an appointment for a pap and a preconception exam.  I made the appointment for March 29 so I can have time to get some good cycle charts.  I'm thinking of starting the insemination process sometime in May/June. It all depends on my cycles really.

I'm really going to do this and I'm excited!