Saturday, September 11, 2010

Insurance freak out

I just got a bill from the clinic for $882 for the CD2 sonogram and blood work. W.T.F!? My insurance is supposed to pay for this. The clinic checked before I started all of this and said everything except the actual insemination was covered. I checked myself and it said that all diagnostic (ultrasounds blood work etc...) are covered. Insurance paid for all the other blood work that I've had previously.

So why the bill?

I did get a statement from the insurance company on Friday covering "medical care" and "diagnostic pathology" from the same day's appointment. I don't understand....

I am FREAKED that the insurance company just decided not to pay for this, and that I'll be getting a similar bill for Thursday's sonogram and blood work. To top it off, I am supposed to go tomorrow morning for another sonogram and blood work. O.M.F.G.

And if the insurance company isn't paying for this, why the hell didn't the clinic say anything?!

*Edited to add: I just triple-checked my insurance coverage, and it says plain as day that I pay nothing for:
"Diagnostic tests provided, or ordered and billed by a physician, such as:
• Blood tests
• Laboratory tests
• Pathology services
• Ultrasounds"

My mom even checked it too and looked at the bill. She thinks they just didn't bill the insurance and sent it straight to me. I think hope she's right, and will be talking to the clinic tomorrow before they do anything else to me.


  1. Are you sure it's a bill and not just a statement letting you know what's been sent to your insurance? My RE's office does that - sends out a statement that I always get shortly after my appointments.

  2. It's a bill with a payment due. I don't know what to do tomorrow...There is no way I would have started off my first cycle with these sonograms and blood work if it wasn't covered. I can pee on an OPK for free, tyvm.

  3. Sounds like their billing person goofed - good idea to tell them before your next procedure.

  4. The fact they've already paid for other tests is very promising AND you have it in writing they cover those tests.
    Sounds like a big billing goof. Good Luck tomorrow!!

  5. I agree with hopefulcc. The fact that they paid for it in the past is promising. Hope you get it all figured out. Keep us posted with what happens.

  6. I agree with hopeful as well...I hope everything goes well today & it was all just a mix up.