Tuesday, November 2, 2010

♫ Saturday night I was downtown, working for the...

One of my favorite songs for a purely nerdtastic reason.

Today is 12dpIUI and AF was a no-show this morning. There is nothing I can do to not get my hopes up. They are now sky high and my brain has run away with the OMG! OMG! Did it really work?!

I have been too terrified to pee on that one stupid test I have at home. I want to sooooo bad, but I'm terrified of getting a BFN. I may just go to the store at lunch and get one, but then a big part of me says to just wait for my bloodwork on Thursday. AF is officially late according to Fertility friend online and they say to take a test tomorrow.



  1. To POAS or not to POAS...tough choice. Personally I would wait & enjoy the hope for a bit then when you get the BFP the anticipation will be worth it! Keeping my fingers & toes crossed for you!

  2. Best of luck! Sending pregnant thoughts your way. :)