Thursday, November 25, 2010

7 weeks today

and fingers still permanently crossed. Of course, when I logged on to post yesterday's U/S picture, the first thing I did was read through everyone's updates. My deepest, heartfelt sympathies to Jay. I just don't even know what to say. Such a sad loss. It terrifies me. Please let me make it with this one. Please.

So far, all looks good. Heartbeat was at 130 and baby is measuring perfectly. I am officially graduated from the clinic and move on to the OB. First OB appointment is next Thursday.

My boss says it's going to be a girl. I think so too. This brings a whole new set of terror for me. I really, really want a boy. I just cannot relate to girls. I HATE pink with a passion and the thought of a lifetime of pink things, lace, hair bows and frilly dresses freaks me out. I have no earthly idea how to be girly and I don't even remotely think any of that stuff is cute. Yuck. How can I have a child I don't think is cute?! I fear a girl will have daddy issues and boy issues and all the other girls-are-cruel issues that I have absolutely no way of dealing with.

Of course, yesterday my sister found out what her baby is, and it figures...another boy so now I'll have two totally adorable sweet baby nephews. This of course makes me want a boy even more so they all can be buddies.

The picture:


  1. "She's" looking strong and beautiful. I'm happy to hear she is growing on schedule.

    She might grow up to be a tomboy, too!

  2. So good to hear your good news...I'm with you on the pink thing! Ever since I found out I may be having a girl, I have been BEGGING everyone to not buy pink! My brother, who has 2 boys is dying to do the frilly, girly thing!

  3. Yay for another good u/s. As you well should know, not all of us girls are into pink and ribbons and whatnot. I'm more terrified of having a boy because he won't have many male influences, and he'll think he can't relate to me! Us SMCs have all kinds of funny thoughts. I always thought I wouldn't tell the sex of the baby to anyone because I don't want gendered items. You can set rules. And return things :)

  4. Oh what a beautiful sight! Yay! And I agree with the others, you don't have to go with pink and frills to have a cute little girl! I've gone to a lot of the things that little girls dress up for (Nutcracker, etc) and while there are a lot of frilly girls, there are also incredibly cutely dressed little girls with not a hint of pink or frill to be found!

    Of course, you've got a ways to go until you find out, and who knows, there's a 50% chance you're wrong! :)

  5. Soooooo cute!!!! I like how there's a little arrow pointed towards the baby :)