Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Really pissed off at OB clinic

So I called the OB office to get in for my 8 week check and the bitch told me that because she "had a wheel' that tells her how far along I am, I wouldn't be at the 8 week mark until Dec 16th and that's the soonest I can get in. Um, if the insemination was on October 21, I will be at 5 weeks this week, which means I'll be 8 weeks on Dec 2nd. I don't want to wait until after week 10 for my first appointment. That's almost the first trimester!

Not to mention she wouldn't give me decent time frame. It was either dead middle morning or dead middle afternoon. No way of working around that. I tried to tell her that since I don't get maternity leave, any leave I have to burn to go to these appointments takes away from what I can take when the baby gets here.

I plan on calling back and basically demanding to get in before my 10 weeks is up, but I have to wait until I've cooled down.

*Edited to add that I just tried to call back and now the bitch isn't even answering the phone. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that pisses me off more.


  1. I'd be pissed to...it's hard enough waiting until 8 weeks let alone 10!! Considering you were inseminated thus knowing when conception happened, she should throw her dang wheel out the window!

    My U/Ss have all been scheduled at noon making it impossible to go into work on those days...luckily my boss allows us to use our sick time for this type of appointment & I was allowed to work from home those days.

  2. Screw that clinic. I just called another clinic to get a second opinion and the receptionist there agreed with me. She also said they were an all-female clinic so I hopped on board and got my week 8 appointment. YAY. I called the first clinic back and canceled the 10 weeks appointment and told them I was going to a better clinic. HA.

  3. Good for you! The idiot at the first OBs office should know that if you're coming from an RE, you know your due date! Sheesh.

    I'm glad you found another office to change to - if the receptionist at the first OB is that bad, I can't imagine what the rest of the office is like!