Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New RE

I had my consultation with the different RE and I like him infinitely better. His body language was much more open and engaged, he had kind eyes and he's been a doctor longer than I've been alive. He reminded me of Dr. Huxtable lol. He listened to what I had to say, acknowledged my efforts and concerns. He gave me choices and then provided his professional opinion/recommendations and best of all, he smiled. He showed me the respect and support that I was hoping for. He also asked about my experience with the other doctor, and I told him exactly what/how the other doctor was cold and rigid. He sat behind his desk and faced his computer. He didn't engage with me and I didn't feel like he was supportive. I said that I was sure he was a great doctor and very accomplished and successful, but in situations like these, warmth and support go a long way. Especially when you're going solo and scared that something may be wrong.

Because today is CD32 and I still have not ovulated, we have decided for the next cycle (whenever that may be sheesh) that I will go on a low dose of Clomid and get in for an HSG. He said it was up to me to have the HSG or not, but he felt it would be bad medicine if he didn't recommend it only to have me waste a bunch of money and time and then ultimately find out something was wrong. I agree that something isn't right. 45+ day cycles is a clear indication that something's up. We talked about my fears, and the possibility/probability for multiples. He knows my plans, timeline and I left the office feeling very happy and relieved.

Clomid, HSG, Ultrasound, an HCG shot and then hopefully my fist IUI is the plan for now. Hopefully AF will pay me a visit soon.


  1. I haven't even met him, and I love your new doctor, too.

    I'm really hopeful that you've had a few bad cycles just from stress, and now that you have a RE that you like and a plan you can live with, you're going to get back on track right away.

    Fingers crossed AF comes soon!

  2. I too switched doctors and it felt like the world lifted off my shoulders. A good, positive, compassionate doctor can make all the difference!

  3. What a huge difference between your 1st RE & this one...what a relief for you! I like that the new RE asked about the last too, shows concern. Best of luck!

  4. So glad you like your new RE! Your first one sounds like a big dud. The new plan sounds great--and the fact you walked out feeling happy and relieved speaks volumes.

  5. It's important to be able to talk openly with your RE. I agree about having the HSG and other tests... why spend all of the money TTC as a SMC without ruling out the obstacles (blocked tubes, low progesterone, etc)?