Thursday, July 8, 2010

Appt #1 and 4 vials of blood later

Had my first appointment today. I was all kinds of nervous because I had no idea what to expect or what was going to happen. I ate my lunch in my office and then snuck out. I was a few mins early and I had sent the registration paperwork ahead of time along with the blood work from my last fit for duty physical.

I have to admit, I was not impressed with the RE. After about 15 mins in the waiting room, one of the receptionists came out and brought me back to speak with the doctor. He was reading through my information (which I had emailed) so he was pretty focused on his monitor. I was expecting him to address me and maybe try to get a feel about what I wanted, how much I had researched, how much I know and how I felt about the whole process. Again, it was my first visit and I really had no idea what to expect, I just hoped that it would be like that. He pretty much went through a mental checklist about the "natural method" and the "monitored method."  I got the distinct feeling that he did not want to me to do the "natural method" where I monitor my cycle and take OPKs. Instead, he launched right into what he called the "monitored method" which involved ultrasounds, clomid, hysterosalpingogram (HSG) etc... I stopped him and said that I was only 31, my eggs should still be good and I have no reason to suspect I will have difficulty conceiving. I'm not interested in taking clomid or any other fertility drugs until I have reason to need them. 

I also can physically tell when I ovulate (most of the time). I cramp, I notice the cervical mucus, I notice the change in my acne etc... but he seem very skeptical about that which also annoyed me. My cycle averages about 34-36 days (and it varies depending on stress levels and what I have going on in my life) and he was pretty hung up on my cycle being too long and the possibility that I'm not ovulating. I don't even know what to think about that, I'm not a doctor but I didn't think it was that bad. It put me off because he didn't even want to see all the charting and stuff I've been doing and I felt like he was coming out of nowhere with that. I have been meticulous about tracking my cycle and have been able to successfully pinpoint ovulation using physical signs and OPKs. But maybe he's right, and those tests aren't that reliable and I don't ovulate. I guess I'll find out soon though. I think I felt like he was a too dismissive about my efforts. He also told me that success rates using IUI is around the 10% range, and I could swear that I've read that someone of my age and health averages success in about 3-4 tries with IUI, so that didn't seem to add up to me either. Of course, I could have read faulty info.

I finally told him that it would be much easier for me to go to a bar and pick someone up and do the deed the old fashioned way. But I want to do this right, and responsibly and at this point all I really need/want is someone to place the swimmers in my uterus and let nature take its course. So he said for this cycle, I am supposed to monitor and take OPKs and then when I get a positive OPK to call my nurse so I can schedule a progesterone test to make sure I actually did ovulate. Which means I have to wait until next cycle before I can even think about my first IUI. Boo.

My nurse (Nurse M) was pretty cool though and was totally into my charting and all the preparation work I've done.  She was much more positive and understanding. She agreed with me about not needing to start off with the "monitored method" given my age and great health. She went over what the doctor "ordered" which is the progesterone test and a bunch more blood work which I had done this afternoon. She was happy because I offered to let them run all the disease and typing blood work today and she didn't even have to ask. She gave me a packet for the cryobank with all the forms they require and said she would be the one I'll contact when I get the positive OPK.

They are a little concerned with the chem panel and CBC I had done last August. My glucose was a little high and the doc wanted to redo it. Since that is a test that I have to fast for, I suggested I wait until I need the progesterone test and do it then. Nurse M liked that idea so that's the plan.

Here we goooooo!!


  1. That is so exciting you had your first appointment. But, not fun you didn't really like him. I agree--you are young, with no known fertility issues. You likely do not have any problems. Good for you for sticking to your guns and telling him you were going to do 3 unmedicated cycles first. Thankfully, your RN is supportive.
    Good luck with your follow up labs. And let us know how things go picking out your donor!

  2. I'm sorry your RE wasn't the best; I'm glad your nurse is better and at least she gets what's going on with you! I think he's wrong with the IUI data - with young and healthy women, the chance of conceiving the old fashioned way is higher than 10% per cycle, you'd think that a well timed IUI would be the same or even better.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - looking forward to following your journey, too!

  3. If your clinic is anything like mine you won't even see the RE again (until it's time to graduate and he can take all the credit!).

    I second the good for you for following your gut and sticking to your plan. I bet he was more interested in his success rates and how much he makes off a cycle than what is really best for you to start with.

    This cycle will be over and you'll be on your way to IUI #1 before you know it!

  4. So exciting that you'll be starting soon! Seriously though, if you don't love your RE, don't hesitate to switch after a cycle or two if things don't work out. I've come to realize how important it is that I like and trust my RE on this journey. Especially doing it alone, you really need to have a certain comfort level with your doctor. Good luck!