Friday, July 23, 2010

Another week down

Today is day 28 of my cycle and still no positive OPK. boo. So I called the clinic this morning and talked to the nurse about it a little. Bottom line is I should be starting a new cycle by now and not still waiting to ovulate, which I believe to be a sign of a potential problem. As much as I don't want it to be, two cycles in a row of 40+ days isn't right. She asked if I wanted to make an appointment to see the doctor and I said that I probably should. *sidenote: I'm not a morning person and this whole thing has me annoyed.* She confirmed the name of the doctor I saw last time and I flat out said that I didn't want to see him again and that I didn't like him. Then I felt bad about saying that so bluntly and apologized profusely. I don't think she was thrilled with me at that point, and said she would look to see who was available early next week and call me back. While I was waiting for her call back, I started looking for other doctors who would take my insurance and who were close by. I just wish these folks were a little more...compassionate? I don't know what I'm looking for.  Anyway, of course there isn't anyone within my manageable radius. Since I've been sneaking out from work on my lunch hour to do this, I have to keep it close by.

Well, fast forward 2 hours and she finally calls me back. This time her tone was much better and she apologized for my bad experience last time and offered another consult free of charge with another doctor. She said since I had to come back in anyway, at least I could get that appointment free. I thanked her and set the appointment up for Tuesday. I snuck out and went over at lunch to have the hormonal blood work drawn so that the doc would have it by the appointment next week. Stick #2, although this one was virtually pain-free which was very nice. Stick #1 a couple of weeks ago hurt like hell.

Watch, I'll get a positive OPK tonight. Either way, there still is a bit of a problem with a 40+ day cycle.

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  1. Bad news on the still negative OPKs, but great news about the new - free - consult! I hope this new RE is better than the last. I didn't like the sound of him. And as much as this costs (both financially and emotionally), you deserve an RE who will listen to you and respect your opinions.