Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Pill

So tonight is the last night I take The Pill.  AF will come for a short visit this weekend which will be the beginning of my cycle charting.  I am very curious to see how things work out and am a little bit nervous.  The fear is that something will be wrong or that I have abnormal cycles which may require extra consideration.

I couldn't sleep the other night and had a (minor) worrisome thought. I don't eat vegetables. At all. I have never liked them and my parents weren't too forceful about eating the wild and crazy kind.  We usually had frozen peas and carrots which weren't too bad to deal with. My sister likes carrots so she'd eat mine and then I could just swallow the peas whole like pills.  As an adult, I just avoid vegetables and had never thought much about it.  I wonder now how can I get my child to eat them when I don't, and is there really any work around for eating vegetables?  Fruit is a whole different story. I love love LOVE fruit and can't wait until I can have a yard where I can grow fresh fruit.

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