Thursday, January 21, 2010


So today I looked through my health insurance coverages. Basically, they cover your standard labor and delivery (which is good) but they do not cover any fertility treatments (not so good). Every year I put just enough money to cover my monthly b/c prescription and an office visit or two into a flex account. I did a little research on what that account will cover and am happy to report that if I decide to start the TTC process this year, I won't have to worry about not spending my flex money. I can use it to cover any ICI, IUI or IVF procedures and I can even use it to buy OPKs and pregnancy tests! I only put $520 into the account this year, so if I start the process late in 2010, I can use it up and contribute a whole lot more to cover things for 2011.

I am considering how much time off I'd want to take and have been looking though my annual and sick leave balances and trying to project how much time off I'll have on the books at different times during 2011.  Barring any unforeseen illness or vacations, by June 2011 I should have a total of 766 hours of (combined) leave. Depending on the time of year (not incl. holidays) 16 weeks off would use 640 hours. This basically means the absolute earliest I could start any insemination activities would be in September this year.  Of course, the balance is not counting any leave taken for doctor's appointments or trips home.

I think ideally, I would like to be on maternity leave between late August 2011 and January 2012, which would give me some leeway with the time off, add in a lot of holidays, and allow for an extra cushion of leave so I'm not burning through it all.  This means, I would need to get pregnant sometime after November 15. I will be eligible to try to find a position near my family in January 2012, so this looks like good timing.

Of course, I know there can be a hundred different wrenches thrown in my plans. But I'm just thinking/planning for now.

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