Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Great Flo Watch of 2010

Today is CD65 and Flo is still a no-show.

I am actually okay with this for now, because if she showed up this weekend, it would have meant that TTC Round 2 would have had me needing to do IUI#2 the weekend I'm in California. Which wouldn't have worked. However, if AF would please make her appearance tomorrow (or even Tuesday) it would be good. Of course, I do know that IUI#2 could still end up needing to happen the weekend I'm out of town and cause me to skip a month, but at least the chances are slimmer now.

I have also pretty much decided that this cycle, I want to do two IUIs to maximize my chances, unless there's a good reason not to? Of course the doctor might have some say in it, but since I'm Captain of this ship, I'm going to make the calls.

I'm cool for now, just as long as that bitch Flo (the Aunt, not the Progressive girl) appears sometime this week.


  1. Hi- Just discovered your blog. We have something in common, I've started this process at 30 and am refusing to wait any longer. A lot of people have not been too happy about my refusal to give it 2 more years, but then I am pretty darned stubborn.

    Best of luck, hope AF makes an appearance soon.!

  2. Ugh! The waiting is so frustrating...hope AF holds off so you don't have to miss a month.