Thursday, August 26, 2010


Flo is a no-show

My sister is pregnant. Again.

I should be the one who is 8 weeks along :(

*edited 15 mins after originally posting* I am now very angry. Not at my sister, but at the doctors (irrationally) and myself. I got aboard the TTC train back in June and was really wanting to start then. I feel like I got yanked around a little by the doctors and the testing bs. And now, here I am on day 62 and still waiting around. I know (now) that there are things you can take and do to start your cycle and I'm angry that I had to call the doctor's office (several times) and still ended up waiting.

And I'm still waiting for my period. I should be the one who's pregnant and due in April. Not my little sister who already has a baby.

And I'm irritated that she's due first and if by some miracle I manage to get a BFP this cycle, I'll be due about 2 months later, which to my highly hormonal and irrational state, I think the focus and attention will be all about her and my poor kid will end up being the "afterthought." Even though I know that's not the case.



  1. Oh, S...this all sounds so frustrating. I'm sorry you're having to deal with so much stress & delays.

    Hearing about other's pregnancies when you want so badly to be pregnant is torturous. Try to stay strong.

    Big Hug!

  2. I feel so frustrated for you! Have you considered going to see another RE? S/he just doesn't seem to be fitting your needs or working well with you to achieve your goals.

    And even if you're pregnant at the same time as your sister, it's your first--by default, YOU will receive all that attention!

  3. I have seriously thought about seeing another RE. The biggest problem is that there aren't any who will take my insurance within a 20 minute drive. I have been sneaking out from work (to save my leave for maternity time) and I need it to be closer. I'm hoping things will pick up and get better once AF comes. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on/around day 52, so AF better be on her way. Once she gets here, then it's off to the races with the monitoring, clomid and trigger shot. I should see some progress soon.