Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cramp Cramp Cramp

Today I'm 9 DPO, which means AF should be making an appearance this weekend. Yay! I have been cramping pretty badly this evening and it seriously makes me wonder if she's going to appear a few days early. Like tomorrow morning. I suppose this is a good thing. On one hand, it's great to get this show going a few days earlier than I thought. I have a plane ticket home for Columbus day which also happens to be right around the time I think I'd ovulate for round 2 if round 1 ends up as a BFN. If AF comes early in round 1 then this should push round 2 up a few days earlier as well and it wouldn't interfere with my travel. The downside is that it's a little early for AF and I'm paranoid that it would mean yet another problem.

I'm still mulling over telling my parents what's going on. They get here a week from tonight. I don't know why I don't want to tell them. I guess this is a big deal and we don't usually have big, awkward discussions about "Really Big Deals." I also suppose that I just don't want to rehash all the early crap I feel like I've gotten past and dealt with already. Add to that my mom's ability to be annoying with a gazillion questions and act like I haven't thought about anything. She also loves to blab our business to her "friend Cathy." She says it like that too. She and Cathy have been friends for at least 20 years, and she always acts like I don't know who Cathy is. *eyeroll* My mom is from Nebraska and says weird stuff like "I don't think this is appropriate for young ladies to see" (about sex scenes in tv/movies and referring to me and/or my sister), "oh EW! That's disgusting" (about gay stuff), she says "kee-you-pons" for "coupons" and sometimes she puts an "r" in words like "wash" and "Washington". She has lived in California for close to 40 years and still slips up on those.

Sorry, that mom vent came out of nowhere. Probably some stress related to the coming 14 days with her in my little 2 bedroom condo. I love my Mom, but most of the time I can only handle her in small doses and she'll go in one of two very different directions with this whole TTC thing. Dad on the other hand, will probably say something like, "awesome! It's about time you started doing something about that" and leave it at that. Dad is awesome like that; laid back and easy-going and whatever makes you happy. He's also the one who did some research on all the things that can happen/go wrong if you wait until age 35+ to have kids. You know, just to let me know. Silly Daddy, I'm well aware of those things.

Anyway, bedtime. It's way late.


  1. Your Dad sounds great & like he'd be a great support! Hope this cycle is the one & that you'll get a BFP before Columbus Day!

  2. It is SO hard to plan anything when TTC! I cancelled 2 trips during my months of trying, and had to cancel one month of trying because I had a commitment out of town that I couldn't cancel. I hate it! But it is all worth it.

    I hear you on the mom venting! LOL I did tell my parents what I'm doing - it does help to have their support.

    I hope AF really is on her way!