Monday, July 22, 2013

Almost there!

I will officially be at 38 weeks after tomorrow. I went into labor with Chase at 38 weeks and I know that things could start happening any minute now. I have this fear of my water breaking. Not that I would be embarrassed or anything, but I just don't want the inconvenience and the mess. I have yet to come up with a comfortable and suitable solution for protecting my bed. That is a major concern of mine. I do not want to ruin my bed with my water breaking. However, it is hotter than hell right now, my air conditioner can barely keep the house down to 80 and I cannot stand sleeping on waterproof bedding. It's like trying to sleep on plastic wrap. Sticky, sweaty and just yuck. I can barely get any sleep as it is with this awful reflux and RLS. So far I have tried laying some waterproof lap pads down just around the area my lower half rests, but I still wake up completely drenched in sweat and it's gross. Then I switched to laying down some bath towels under my mattress cover, but oddly enough, they don't breath very well either and make me sweat and they also bunch up and I have to tear my bed apart every night to straighten them out.

My c-section is scheduled for August 1 which is next Thursday so I suppose I will just suffer with the bath towels in my bed. It's the lesser of all the evils.

Next Thursday...Holy Crap!


  1. Wow, that happened fast (at least from my point of view, probably not yours!)! I wish you luck with your c-section, I hope your recovery goes well. Can't wait to hear what you are going to name her!

  2. I got this when I was pregnant and it's great! Pricey, I guess, but not hot at all. I kept it on my bed throughout infancy -- we started out co-sleeping and spit up/breastmilk leaks/night sweats were all a hot mess -- and i never bothered to take it off. i don't even notice it's there.

    good luck!

  3. Someone suggested a shower curtain from the dollar store and placed under the sheet. Wishing you an easy recovery.

  4. My water broke just as I was going to sleep. It didn't become a puddle until I sat up :( I grabbed one of the overnight always pads that I planned to use postpartum and it worked GREAT! Maybe try going to sleep with one of those on, just in case. Good Luck!