Thursday, July 25, 2013

Labor Has Begun

Well, it actually started on Tuesday but I sucked it up and thought I would wait it out until my Dr. Appt today. Except last night at 3 am I woke up sick to my stomach. And then the horrible water-like diarrhea every 20 mins. I seriously had no idea anyone could have that much water-poo. By 6 am I was miserable and kinda-sorta able to pinpoint the contractions which had increased in pain (I am a back laborer), so I decided to take my son to daycare and head to the hospital. All the way there I kept telling myself to turn around and just go to work until my Dr. Appt later that morning. But we kept going (my dad was with me) and ended up at the hospital.

Long morning & story short, I am having contractions which run about 5-6 mins apart but aren't too consistent. They aren't painful enough for the hospital to keep me, and at around 11 am I was only dilated to 1-1.5 cm. So I was sent on my merry way and I went to work to try and salvage my day. You see, I don't get maternity leave, so I (financially) need to work up until I have this kid. Yet, the doc basically orders me to bedrest until my scheduled c-section next week.

Apparently in hippy-dippy CA, they refuse to do c-sections until 39 weeks, unless your water breaks or you dilate enough to where the baby's head is basically hanging out. I was in Virginia when I had my son, and I began labor, just like I am now, at exactly 38 weeks. There, they said "oh, you're in labor, lets deliver the baby" whereas here in hippy-dippy California, they said "oh, you're in labor, but you're not at 39 weeks and you're not in enough pain yet. Suffer sucka." I am thoroughly annoyed that I now have to spend more than a week in labor before I can deliver this kid. It makes absolutely no effing sense to me at all that I should have to suffer through labor when I am supposed to have a scheduled c-section due to a previous section and the fear of uterine tearing. As if labor couldn't cause uterine trauma or tearing? Seems to me, that if labor has begun, the baby is ready. Especially mine who are humongous, and it's not like I'm premature or anything. At 38 weeks 2 days, I think it's safe to say the baby will be ok. She is also measuring at a minimum 8.5 lbs but will likely be over 9 like her brother was and maybe even closer 10 lbs depending on how long they make me suffer.

Holy crap my back freaking hurts and this (*&^%&$#* heartburn/acid reflux is just ridiculous. I am on prescription ranitidine for it, but sometimes it just doesn't help.

I really wanted to be able to avoid getting worn out and exhausted with labor before I go have major surgery. Not to mention having to deal with my 2 year old... I'm in for a long week ~sigh~

*edited to add that I have a c-section scheduled for next Thursday, Aug 1. I just have to make it until then.


  1. Oh boy, good luck! I have to say, I delivered in hippy-dippy California, too, and I do believe they're a bit fanatical about avoiding c sections. I suffered horribly through a three day induction, and at a certain point I felt like they were just torturing me. In the end I'm glad I was able to push him out, but I still wonder if being put through that hell was really necessary. All my friends with scheduled c sections said it was a breeze. Makes you wonder.

  2. Finally, a perk to living in Nebraska! I was also in labor at the hospital for several days after my induction, and then I gave in and asked for a c-section due to sheer exhaustion (hadn't slept in three days, throwing up even ice chips, and stuck at 8 cm for four hours). I'm sorry, that is a miserable feeling. I would think they would want to be careful about you become dehydrated between the heat and diarrhea. Hopefully your water will break very, very soon and you will be holding her in no time!!

  3. Just looking at your blog for the first time! Exciting timing! I had 2 weeks of strong prodromal labor before the birth of my #2 (which ended in emergency C-section)- I SO feel your pain. I would be like you, if I knew it was going to be a C-section anyways I'd just want to get on with it. You are going to feel much better in a few weeks - not being pregnant anymore. Yes, having 2 on your own is tiring, but being pregnant with a toddler is seriously so much harder in my book. Best wishes for an easy and speedy birth!

  4. Oh, I can just imagine how miserable you are. Like Claire said, I hope your water breaks soon and you're holding your little girl in no time.

  5. The while reason for my 2 scheduled c-sec were exactly to avoid labouring and being exhausted only for them to tell me I had to have c-sec. In Toronto they like you to wait til 39 weeks but will deliver early. Thinking of you. Labouring for a week seems like it could cause risk to you and/or the baby.

  6. Poor you. If labour has begun, baby is ready to be hereI I really do think pain is no measure of anything. Just say it hurts more! This is where having a husband to say "can't you see how much pain she is in" would really help! My friend got her husband to keep asking questions, "How can you be sure nothing is wrong etc" "I disagree" and she got her c section and wasn't even a centimeter dilated!