Friday, November 2, 2012

Here we go again...

So much has happened in the last couple of months!
- I (finally) got my transfer to the west coast. I bought a house, with a yard, planted a garden and now have friends and family nearby (my folks are asleep in the guest room right now). My new position at work is fantastic so far and things are going really well for me and I have been ridiculously happy lately.

- Chase is growing like a weed and is a full-grown 16 month old toddler. He's running around, busy as can be and talking up a storm. He's enormous too. He's wearing 24 month/2T clothes and he looks like he's about 2 years old. It makes me a little sad to see him so grown up already.

- Today I made my first appointment at the fertility clinic nearby to start on baby #2. I couldn't get in for the initial consultation until Dec 26th (crazy!) but what can you do? I know it sounds ridiculous and picky, but I really would prefer to have the new baby born in either the spring/summer. Maybe even early Fall. This means that I either needed to start TTC in October, Nov or Dec which obviously isn't going to happen, or I wait until June. My biggest reasons are to prevent birthdays from happening on major holidays and getting the kid into kindergarten before they hit the cutoff date. I have a friend whose boy doesn't turn 5 until Nov 4th (cutoff is age 5 by Nov 1st) so he has to wait another year before he can start school. He will be the biggest and oldest kid in his class, and she has to pay for yet another year of expensive daycare/preschool. I just would like to avoid that particular annoyance.

- I am hoping to do my first IUI in January which would put my due date sometime around October 21st, which would work out well. It has me off for maternity leave during the fall/winter which is when all the holidays are. I don't have hardly any time off left from having Chase so I will have to take a lot of leave-without-pay and if I can get some paid holidays in the mix, it would help. If an IUI in January doesn't work, then I'm not sure if I would wait out a couple of cycles to avoid a holiday birth or not. We'll see.

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  1. So glad the move and new job are working out!! And good luck on starting T42... I am still on the fence about when to start trying. :)