Monday, January 9, 2012

One week

One week into daycare and he comes home today with a fever and snot. Fan-fucking-tastic. We took a shower/bath and sat in the steam for awhile but his fever ended up climbing to 101.3. I'm dreading tomorrow. I gave him some infant advil and now he's out like a light. Hopefully tomorrow he's better and the daycare won't make me come get him. I need to go read their policy about fevers and such. The administrator (who drives a nice, shiny new Mercedes UGH.) told me that he had a very mild fever this afternoon, but that he seemed fine and his carer didn't think I needed to come get him. Whew. She mentioned that with a higher fever I'd have to take him to the doctor (yet another stinkin copay which makes 6 so far and it's adding up) to get a form (which the doctor charges an additional $10 to fill out) saying that he's not contagious. Whatever. For the exorbitant amount of money I pay that damn place ($1500 a month) and all their stupid policies, which clearly don't work since that's where he picked up this crud, I wish they'd cut me some slack. I don't have the time off to take yet. I haven't even been back a full pay period yet to earn some hours of leave.

And of course, my throat has started to get sore which means I soon will be fighting snot and congestion myself and since I'm bf-ing I can't take anything to help. Yay.


  1. Wow, you could be me! My baby spent 1 hour on her own in a daycare...she got so sick. 4 days of a fever of 102.5. Three doctor visits and finally a diagnosis of an ear infection, pink eye, and possible sinus infection. She still isn't herself. Now she's starting at a different daycare where I'll be paying 1400 a month. My parents are doing her transition and my mom already isn't impressed...but I guess that's what happens when we have to leave our babes in someone else's hands. Makes me so sad to have to leave her. On top of all of that, I had a sore throat too and now no voice. We are living parallel lives.

  2. This seems to be happening a lot in the Choice Mom world lately, kids in daycare for a few days then sick! You make a good point that the kids probably pick up the bug at daycare anyway, where else?