Saturday, April 2, 2011


Things have been moving along at lightening speed lately. I can't believe I'm this far along and as big as I am. It's strange to have this 13.5lb bowling ball jutting out in front of me. The 13.5lb weight gain has gone ENTIRELY to mah belleh and is the source of much amusement all around. The doctor yesterday even joked that when she came in the room she thought she had the wrong patient for a second because from the back you can't tell at all.

I feel fine with the occasional cramp or weird twinge. He moves around ALL.THE.TIME and I swear he doesn't sleep. I know I don't get much sleep because he's goofing off in there. He loves playing with my bladder which isn't really a good time for me but what can you do? The last ultrasound I had we just sat and watched him kick at the wand and punch my bladder. The tech couldn't believe how active he was.

Placenta has moved a little and is now considered low-lying previa. I made the decision to go with the scheduled c-section (after calling the insurance company 3 times to MAKE SURE they covered it) and it is scheduled for 07/07/11 with a check in time of 0730 and procedure time of 0900. Awesome.

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  1. Most of my weight gain has been in my belly, too - I don't know if I'll ever get used to not being able to lean forward to pick something up! LOL

    I'm glad the placenta has moved some, though it sounds like scheduling the c-section was the right thing to do. Especially on 7/7/11 - I can't imagine a luckier date!