Sunday, January 16, 2011


Quick update:

All is well. I got my early risk screening results back and they are normal. My numbers were, to quote the nurse, that of a 20 year old. My Trisomy 13 & 18 was 1:10,000 and my Trisomy 21 was also 1:10,000. I had no doubt that everything was fine. Truth is, I only did the screening because it meant I got to see ultrasound pictures lol.

My belly is protruding a little, but I am thankful that I still, for the most part, fit comfortably in my normal non-work clothes. Sometimes as I sit at the computer or lounge around watching TV my pants feel a little tight so I undo my button but so far that's about it. My work clothes are another story. So far, I can still wear my suits, but 3 of them I have to use a safety pin and wear a longer shirt over the waist. 2 of my others still fit normally, but that probably isn't going to last long. I have noticed I'm overflowing in my bras too. Hee! I went to the mall today and did a little looking around. I tried on a bra (D cup OMG!) at the Motherhood store and it fit. It fit so well that I didn't buy it because I figure I still have a heck of a long way to grow and I was afraid I'd outgrow it by the time baby gets here. Normally I'm a small C cup, which is perfect in my opinion for someone of my body frame, but trying on and fitting in a D was thrilling. hee It's the little things. I hope they don't get ridiculously big though...

I really hope I carry a cute little round bump in front with no other gain anywhere else. Since I'm on the topic of wishful thinking, I would also like to ask for a healthy, but smaller baby. Somewhere around the 6-7 pound range. None of the 9-11 pound baby craze my family seems to have. Seriously. I was 8.5, my sister was 9, my 1st nephew was 10 and my second nephew is going to be somewhere around 10.5-11. No thank you.

My anatomy scan appointment is scheduled for Feb 17th and I can't friggin wait.


  1. Yay for excellent test results!

    Don't buy your bras at Motherhood - go get new ones for cheap at Target. You don't need them to last long, just for a few months. No sense in paying a lot for that. :)

    Feb 17 - that's just around the corner!

  2. I agree with Shannon, hit Target for your bras! I even crossed the border to by them there since they're so cheap...

    Glad your results came back great...just a month till your next peak!!

  3. Your numbers are fantastic - congratulations!! I'm also struggling to stay in my old bras... it's not pretty. I'm going to take the advice from the pp and hit up Target. Cheap is always good :)