Wednesday, January 5, 2011

13 weeks tomorrow

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I know and I'm sorry. With the holidays and all kinds of crazy happening, these last couple of weeks have absolutely flown by.

I had my first trimester screening this afternoon and they had just gotten a new ultrasound machine that the tech was still trying out and fiddling with so I got some experimental 3D pics! woohoo! Baby is measuring 13 weeks 1 day and is right on track. Everything is looking perfect and wow did that little one squirm around. It was amazing to watch. For as bad as I had to pee, I still could have sat there and watched it all day.

Things at work have been picking up. It's open season this month for selecting an office/location of preference, so I put my name on the list to go home. Hopefully all will go well (it's based on seniority and availability of positions) and I can move home and have my baby there with my family. I have been very excited today. These are such awesome pictures:

On a slightly down note though, I have been desperately trying to find maternity clothes. Now, I am fairly slender and always have problems finding pants sized 0-2 and small shirts but maternity wear is an entirely different pain in the ass. I ordered some jeans from the gap because their jeans always look awesome on me and online they actually have my size (1 regular) in maternity. They arrived last night and this is what I was greeted with when I tried them on:

Ugh. So far, every pair of pants I have tried on do this. I could have the biggest badunkadunk in the world and that extra bit of fabric between the pockets and elastic waist still wouldn't sit right. Besides, don't they know babies grow in the belly, not the butt!


  1. Aw, what cute baby pictures! And such a great profile shot.

    I'm not skinny, but I still have problems getting the waist below the elastic to sit just right. It does get better as you get bigger. Have you tried a belly band? They really work to make your regular pants last longer, and you're skinny enough they might work for another couple of months! Zulily has some on sale today, a different brand than I used, but they're probably all the same. I think I paid 12-20 for the ones at Target. (You have to register to see any of the deals on Zulily - so if you aren't already register with them, here's a log in that gets me some store credit if you ever buy anything! :) )

  2. I didn't find a single pair of maternity pants that did not fall off of me after wearing them for an hour. it didn't matter what size I tried. Good luck with the search. And great baby belly!

  3. How lucky are you with those great baby pics!!!

    I've never had much of a butt, I'm talking flat-a$$...but as my baby belly gets bigger so does my butt! I joke it's my libra body looking for balance, lol!!

  4. What amazing pics. Just stumbled across your blog and have been reading some of your older posts. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting ready to go through my first IUI cycle this month. It's great reading the thoughts of someone who has been there.

  5. Adorable pics!! How are you feeling??