Tuesday, July 26, 2011

26 days old

Time is flying by!

Things are going well. Chase is doing very well and growing fast. He's a big boy and eats a lot! He's a good baby and really only fusses when he's hungry (and wants his food NOW) and pooping. Sometimes he has a hard time pooping and really strains and fusses. I've been giving him gripe water for the gas and tummy troubles and I think it seems to calm him down some.

My dad flew in last week and this past weekend my mom went back home. I have had a really hard time with her leaving. She was much more help and I needed/need her more than I expected. I have dad with me for the next two weeks so that's really nice. Mom and I are not so great in the kitchen so meal time was a little difficult, but that's where dad comes in. He's been making me some really nice meals and helping out with the dishes and washing pump parts which is a neverending chore.

I had a root canal last week that necessitated taking several medications and my research led me to think that I shouldn't feed Chase breastmilk within several hours of popping my pills. The dentist gave me vicodin (which I haven't taken) and Prednisone which I needed to take. I BF during the early morning hours, pump in between to try to build a supply, take my pills around 2pm, pump and throw out my milk from 2pm until 10pm and then supplement his feedings with formula if I have to. It's a lot of work, but thankfully this kid is such a chow hound he doesn't give a rat's ass what he's eating or how it's given to him; boob, bottle, formula, milk, he doesn't care and just wants his fill.

His chord stump finally fell of this morning. YAY! That darn thing was gross and annoyingly in the way. We had a diaper blow-out yesterday and I had to give him a bath (he hates them) which is much harder to do with a fussy, squirmy baby while trying to avoid and keep the chord dry.

We have his one month check up on Friday and I can't wait to see how big and tall he is.
His stats so far:
Birth - 9lbs 1oz, 21 inches
4 days - 8lbs 7oz
8 days - 9lbs
14 days - 9lbs 13oz, 21 3/4 inches (95% & 90% respectively)

Pictures I took after his feeding yesterday morning.


  1. Oh he's SO cute! And so alert!

    It took over three weeks for Finn's cord to fall off, too. SO annoying. Glad Chase's is finally gone. Hope you're healing quickly from your root canal!

  2. Root canal?!? That sucks!! Hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you're doing great with Chase & you gotta love a baby that will eat whatever however!

    He's adorable!!

  3. Seriously, he is too cute for words! Sorry about the root canal--I've had 3, and they are no fun. That's terrific that both your parents are there for you.

  4. Chase is so, so handsome! And so big!!! I'm glad you wrote about his cord finally falling off. Claire's is holding on for dear life and I'm over it. Hopefully not too much longer.

    Glad you're doing well after the root canal :) not fun...