Sunday, June 12, 2011

24 Days to go!

The countdown is getting serious now! And I am getting seriously rotund around the middle and having a darn hard time with my clothes (as is evident in my photo from tonight). This week someone (a guy on the elevator) asked if I was having twins and then he thought about it and asked if anyone has asked me that. I said nope, that he was the first of what is sure to be many in the coming weeks. I also had some random foreign lady reach out and rub my belly while I was getting my almost-daily slurpee at 7-11. It was hard not to kick her in the shins for doing it. I don't care if people I know want to cop a feel, but random foreign strangers? No thank you. Seriously? What is wrong with people?

I am having a hard time picking out a name. One of the names in my top 3 and the one I liked the best is/was Chase. I keep changing my mind about the names, but the one and only issue I have with Chase is that my sister named my newest nephew Chance and it's already screwing up my poor parents. I have been discussing names with my mom and dad from the beginning, but my sister refused to discuss potential names for my nephew. My mom has been voting for Chase for my son from the beginning, is okay with one of the other three names (but I have two issues with that name) and neither one of my parents likes the last of my three. I know I shouldn't care what any of them think/say or like about the names, but I feel like it's important and I want the input. But I admit, I have to think for a second before I say Chance's name because Chase wants to come out first, and since they'll only be about 3 months apart in age, I can see it being a lifetime of name mix-up in the family. I'm irritated with my sister over this because I just knew we would pick the same if not similar names, we did it with my first nephew too but I wasn't preggo then so no biggie. I have a feeling she'll be pretty irked with me if I name him Chase. Darn her but I'm inclined to not give a crap.

Tonight's photo: Yes, those are Care Bear pajamas.


  1. You look great!
    Enjoy your last few weeks :)

    Deciding on a name is tough. In the end whatever you name him will be the perfect name and you won't be able to imagine him being anything else.

  2. Holy moly you have gotten big! You look great!!!

  3. I have 2 sisters that are pregnant at the same time I am. We're constantly talking about names so that we don't overlap.

    Choose the name that you want and everything else will work out.

  4. You look great!

    Names are tough. Someone ALWAYS has an opinion!! I decided to name my little girl, Elizabeth Suzanne. Elizabeth is after my mother, grandmother and great-grand. But I decided to call her Elsie. When I told my grandmother I was naming her after her, she said "I hate Elsie" :)

  5. Your belly is adorable!

    I think that although Chase and Chance LOOK very similar, they don't SOUND as much alike. So if you love Chase, go for it. Unless you are with your sister all the time, it probably won't be an such a frequent issue as you think.

    But I understand your frustration, nonetheless!

    (And Obernon, that's TERRIBLE about your grandmother!)

    Oh, Obernon, that's terrible!

  6. My name is Ali, and my cousin's name is Alexis. Family members goof up our names all the time, which is odd considering that I'm 6 YEARS older than her! Then again, they also try to call me by my brother's name, David, which is no where near close to mine. So, I say, name him what you want, and don't worry about them goofing it will happen regardless (especially as the older generation gets older and forgetful!).

  7. Chase is so much better than Chance so your nephew will jealous I think. I would go with what you love, everyone will figure it out and the cousins will goggle about it.

  8. I agree with Abby - the names look similar but don't sound the same. Even so - this is your baby and the beauty of being his mom is that you can name him whatever you want. If Chase makes you happy, name him Chase.

    And btw, you look amazing!!