Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, I had my anatomy scan yesterday and the baby looks perfect, measuring 2 days ahead of schedule so my due date has been changed to 7/12/11.


I am quite happy about this and relieved that I won't be inundated with pink, bows, dresses and ribbons. I personally think boy stuff is so much cuter. My little nephew has a pair of baby chucks and they are the cutest shoes ever.

There is however, a little problem. I have placenta previa. Now it's still early and as the uterus grows, the placenta can and hopefully will end up away from my cervix, but for now I have to be really careful and mindful of my physical activities and pray I don't have any bleeding. I have an OB appointment in not-quite two weeks and I plan to have a long chat about being aggressive with monitoring my condition and my situation as a single mom with no local support. I don't have anyone here who can help me or take care of me if I end up on bed rest so I will have to make arrangements as soon as possible if that's the direction it looks like it's going. It won't work for me to have to wait until I'm 30+ weeks (as was suggested by the doc at the sonogram place) before they check things out again only to have them say, "oh gee, you need to be on bed rest starting tomorrow." The problem is that nowadays there are very few flights between my parents on the west coast and me on the east coast, and what flights there are are always oversold. So they can't just jump on the next flight out because there won't be seats and even if there were it would cost close to $3,000. It's highway robbery but that's the situation.

Ugh scary times man, scary times. And I have to work this holiday weekend. Naturally.


  1. Congratulations on your little boy!!

    I'm hopeful too, that as your uterus grows, the placenta moves away from your cervix. Great idea to talk to your OB about a plan moving forward to frequently monitor and if needed, get on bedrest. But fingers crossed you don't have to do that!

    Hope your weekend at work goes by quickly :)

  2. Oh congratulations on your little boy!!!! I'm so very happy for you. And good to be proactive with your OB - but I'm sure it will all be fine.

  3. Congratulations on your son!!

    I really hope your placenta corrects itself...but definitely be proactive & insistant with your OB...take care.

  4. Congrats on your little boy! Try not to worry too much about the placental previa because it could move as your uterus expands. I had a fibroid in the way but now it looks like it is far away from my cervix. Just follow their advice and do yourself a favor and don't read any horror stories. You are both going to be fine.

  5. Congratulations on your boy!!!!

    Lots and lots of women post about having previa and then it moves and they are fine... so try not to worry TOO much. Easier said than done, right???

    Or at least, remember that there's a good chance that it could work out fine.

    And for now, revel in the fact that you are going to have a SON!!!!

    congratulations again!!!

  6. A boy! Yay! Congratulations!!!! I've loved shopping for my little boy, though I can't justify buying any clothes, since I've got so many hand-me-downs from his cousins.

    I had previa, too. It completely covered my cervix at 16 weeks, but was completely resolved at 20 weeks. Chances are, yours will go away, too. But, I agree with you. Having another scan at 30 weeks is just too long of a wait for your situation. If mine hadn't been gone at my 20 week scan, I would have demanded an earlier u/s, too.